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Marking switchgear

Switchgear consist of connections, buses and insulation components used to control and protect electrical equipment in electric power systems. To ensure safe operation, switchgear components must be labelled with clear and durable markings. Our universal marking system consists of: cable markers, markers for the power supply and control cables, marking of terminal strips, and marking of components, i.e. contactors, relays, lights and buttons and nameplates.
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Marking buried cables

Energy cables laid in the ground must be resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and corrosion. The same requirements apply to cable markers, they must be durable and legible for as long the projected service life of the system, up to 30 years. Our range includes solutions that have been accepted by energy companies responsible for energy distribution worldwide.
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Machines and robotic stations

Partex marking systems are selected by machine and production line builders as our wide range of products enables them to clearly mark components, and also to secure them. With our products you can: mark facility cables and cables inside machines, fix cables and pipes securely, secure cables, hoses and harnesses, mark machines with information and warning boards, and use products detectable by metal detectors.
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Materials used in railway infrastructure development and the manufacture of modern rail vehicles must meet stringent standards for durability and fire performance. Partex provides a wide range of identification solutions that meet the latest railway standard, EN 45545.
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Visual identification

Visual identification is crucial for health and safety in any industry. Every construction site, factory or hall must be marked in a durable, legible and intelligible manner with markings suitable for the given application. Partex supply self-adhesive labels, engraved laminate and steel plates for these applications.
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Marking industrial systems

Electrical, ICT or fire protection systems used in industrial systems should be characterised by durability, precision and safety. Partex can boast of a wide range of mounting and cable marking products for all industries.
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